Recent Research Seminars/Presentations

2015: SFS Cavalcade, BI Oslo, Duke University, Cornell University, University of Minnesota, Drexel.

2016: Boston University, BI Oslo Production Based Asset Pricing Workshop, UTDT Conference.

2017: FMA Mexico, AFFECT Women in Finance Conference, UMD Brownbag, George Mason, SFS Cavalcade, WBS Frontiers of Finance Conference, CKGSB, Asian Econometric Society Meetings, FIRS, University of Maryland.

2018: University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, EIEF Roma, iTAM Finance Conference, ESSEC, UNITTN, EFA Meetings, AMBS, HEC Paris, COAP Conference, UTDT Conference.

2019: University of Michigan, Arizona State University, Texas A&M College Station, UCSC Corporate Theory Conference, WFA Meetings (discussant), Swedish House of Finance (discussant), WAPFIN Stern, FOM Conference USC.

2020: American Finance Association Meetings, ASU Conference, WFA Meetings, EFA Meetings, Econometric Society World Congress, Universite Paris Dauphine, WAPFIN Stern, Federal Reserve Board of Governors, FOM Darmouth, QMUL.

2021: MFA Meetings, SFS Cavalcade , SED Annual Meetings, UT Dallas Conference , UMD Research Seminar, Bank of Italy, Santiago Finance Workshop (scheduled), European Econometric Society Winter Meetings (scheduled)

2022: London Business School (scheduled), MFA Annual Meetings (scheduled), Universite Paris Dauphine (scheduled), HEC Paris (scheduled), Bocconi University (scheduled).

Awards, Honors and Recognitions

Invited Visiting Scholar, HEC Paris, May 2022.

Invited Visiting Scholar, Universite Paris Dauphine, May 2022.

Most Effective Elective Professor MBA Teaching Award, May 2021.

Most Effective Elective Professor MBA Teaching Award, May 2020.

Krowe Excellence in Teaching Award 2018, University of Maryland.

Distinguished Teaching Award 2018, University of Maryland.

Centro Einaudi Visiting Scholar, May 2018.

Kauffman Foundation Research Fellow, 2017-2021.

Distinguished Teaching Award 2017, University of Maryland.

Distinguished Teaching Award 2016, University of Maryland.

Editor's Choice, Review of Financial Studies, January 2015.

Best finance dissertation award in Switzerland, Foundation Nicholas Porphyrogenis, November 2009.

Best paper award by a PhDc in Switzerland, SFI Annual Meetings, December 2006.

Award for best B.S. thesis in Economics, Universidad Torcuato di Tella, Argentina.

Other Links

The website of the Macro Finance Society, a society pursuing research and discussion of the link between macroeconomics and financial economics.

A link to Libertango by Astor Piazzolla, a music genius to praise.

A link to the Latin American Finance Association --a group that has formed recently and of which I am one of the co-founders-- meant to advance and disseminate high-quality research in finance by Latin American scholars.