Research Papers


The Dynamics of Going Public, 2012, Review of Finance 16, pp 577--618. [Paper]

Strategic Investment and Industry Risk Dynamics. 2015, Review of Financial Studies 28, pp 297--341. [Paper] [RFS Editorial Blog]

How do frictions affect corporate investment? A structural approach, 2016. Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis 51, pp 1863--1895. [Paper]

Product Market Competition and Industry Returns (with A. Donangelo), 2017, Review of Financial Studies 30, pp 4216--4266. [Paper] [LSE Business Blog] [Internet Appendix]

Agency, Firm Growth and Managerial Turnover (with R. Anderson, S. Guibaud and M. Zervos), 2018, Journal of Finance 73, pp 419--464. [Paper] [Paper with Internet Appendix]

Does Firm Investment Respond to Peers' Investment? (with Laurent Fresard), Management Science 67, pp 4643--5300, 2021. [Paper] [Paper with Internet Appendix]

Working Papers

Banks' Screening and the Leverage of Newly Founded Firms (with Francesco D'Acunto), 2019, Working Paper. [Paper]

Knowledge Cycles and Corporate Investment (with Julien Cujean and Laurent Fresard), 2020, Working Paper. [Paper]

Customer-Supplier Interactions and Expected Returns, 2021, Working Paper. [Paper] [LSE Business Blog]

Banks' Market Power, Access to Finance, and Leverage (with Francesco D'Acunto), 2021, Working Paper. [Paper]

Innovation, Industry Equilibrium, and Discount Rates (with Francesca Zucchi), 2021, Working Paper. [Paper]

Work in Progress

Dynamic Carbon Emission Management (with F. Zucchi), 2022, Working Paper. [Paper]